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25 Creative Quarantine Happy Holiday Ideas

Virtual Christmas Party

Who says you have to leave the house, or go far, to have fun during the holidays. No matter what age you are, there is something for just about everyone on this fun 25 Creative Quarantine Happy Holiday Ideas list:

1 – Assemble breakfast ahead of time

Christmas morning can be hectic, so have breakfast all ready to go the night before.

2 – Bake, buy and/or decorate cookies

Making cookies from scratch with loved ones can be fun. If your list is long, consider pre-made that just need to be baked – they can be just as rewarding.

3 – Send a card or Video chat with Santa

For the young at heart and actual age, a card to Santa never gets old. There’s also the video chat option too. It costs a bit more, but you get a whole new experience and recording if you like.

Virtual Christmas Party

4 – Go above and beyond with the holiday decorations

You’ll probably be in your home much more this season, so get out all the decorations and have some extra fun. Consider making some new ones too.

5 – Make cozy mock/cocktails

Mocktails can be just as  fun to make as the adult versions, so play around, create something new, or go online and research some new recipes.

6 – Create Christmas masks

With a little creativity, and perhaps Pinterest or Amazon, your crafting skills  can really shine.

7 – Put together a holiday puzzle

Puzzles have taken off in popularity over the past year, so join in the past time. There are plenty to choose from. Just visit your favorite online store to see what is available.

8 – Make a commemorative tree ornament

There are plenty of recipes to choose from. Many cookbooks even share recipes for ornament making as well.

9 – Read a Christmas book

Dust off those holiday books and share the stories with the next generation. Some volunteer readers have even been reading books online for youngsters to tune in and listen. Consider  virtually volunteering your voice.

10 – Sing Christmas karaoke

Try something new and invite friends to join you virtually. You may discover a long time friend with an amazing set of pipes… or maybe not so much. Either way, you’ll be entertained.

11 – Send a gift to a loved one and one to a serviceman or woman overseas too

One of the best ways to share gratitude is by sending thoughtful gifts to others. Sharing gifts, made or bought, with those you know, and maybe don’t know so well, has a warm affect on the giver as well.

12 – Send a donation to your favorite charity

Even though we are socially distancing and quarantining, many charities still need help and donations. If you can give, please do.

13 – Send Christmas cards

Positive encouragement and warm words are welcome all year long, especially during the holiday season.

14 – Host a virtual party

Even if you’ve never hosted a virtual party before, you can figure it out. Here’s some tips from our sister company, Beach View Hotel, in Delaware.

15 – Use conversation starters

…to find out more about family and friends on your virtual calls or virtual party.

16 – Cook a special, festive meal

Your family, spouse or partner will greatly appreciate it. And if you have leftovers, freeze them. Or consider wrapping them up and delivering them to a neighbor.

17 – Watch Christmas movies

Almost everyone has a favorite Christmas movie. Make a night of it, pop some popcorn, and get to it!

18 – Make a holiday playlist

Maybe it’s for you or someone you hold dear. The sentiment will likely be very much welcome. So share the love by sharing the music.

19 – Call a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile

Since everyone has slowed down a bit it has made it easier to make time to reconnect. Use this time in quarantine to reach out and check in on family or friends you’ve lost touch with.

20 – Play reindeer games

You can still get some exercise and have fun too. Check out these 30 fun Christmas games the whole family can play.

21 – Attend a socially distance outdoor event

There are plenty of them right now. Check out social media, your local Chamber or plan one with friends. It will be good to get some fresh air. Mask on!

22 – Place a secret Santa gift on your neighbors porch

This could be anything from a wreath for their door, a gift, a tin full of cookies, leftovers, or something else creative.

23 – Go sledding and make snow angels

If you live somewhere that has snow, enjoy it! If not, enjoy those mountains, beaches or fields. The idea is to get outside the house, enjoy the scenery while still socially distancing of course.

24 – Look at Christmas Lights

If you live in a community, you might discover some fun holiday decorations and lights. If you are further removed, consider a car ride to see any local light shows that may be on display in your town.

25 – Put on your Christmas Pajamas because after all that, you might be a little tired.

But even better yet, how about a really fun Happy New Year photo of the whole family in matching PJs.

We hope you enjoyed our 25 Creative Quarantine Happy Holiday Ideas.

Stay Healthy and Safe!