How to Achieve Vacation Bliss
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How to Achieve Vacation Bliss

Vacation Tips

You have taken the time off, saved the money and planned the perfect vacation. But when you arrive at your destination, you still feel tired, stressed and, let’s face it, just not that happy! What gives? Many of us find it difficult to “let go” of our daily lives and truly relax and enjoy vacation.

Read on for a few tips on how to leave your worries behind and achieve vacation bliss.

Plan wisely

Make sure to book hotels, restaurants and tours in advance to avoid disappointment. Studies show that 90 percent of people say the happiest vacations are planned at least a month in advance. Make sure to enjoy the planning itself, too.

Mix it up

It may seem counterintuitive, but too much relaxation is actually not a good thing. After the first day or two, you will adapt to this new mode of living and enjoy it less. Even if you mostly want to lie around on the beach, opt for a mix of activities, like trying new sports, sampling new restaurants or walking around a new part of town.

Put the phone away

Take time to truly savor your vacation experience, without feeling the need to constantly check your email or the latest headlines. That includes photo-taking, too! Taking photos with the intent of sharing them later disconnects you from the experience of being in the moment.

Vacation bliss can be yours at the beautiful Surf Side Hotel in the Outer Banks. You will find stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, a relaxing hot tub, indoor and outdoor pools, delicious breakfasts and wine happy hours, not to mention plenty of fun things to do in the local area. Make your reservation online today for an unforgettable getaway!