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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Staying safe while celebrating fall festivities is still a top priority for many. Here are some great Halloween safety tips.

Tactful Trick-or-Treating

  • Opt for small groups and staying outdoors if possible.
  • Remind your kids to avoid large crowds and clustering at doorsteps.
  • If you give out treats, consider placing a table outside as a buffer between you and trick-or-treaters. Also, utilize pre-packaged or individually wrapped items that you can place on the table.
  • Consider non-edible treats for kids that may have food allergies.
  • Mark your kids costumes with reflective tape if they’ll be out after dark.
  • If you have an inside event scheduled, and come down with cold, flu, Covid-19 symptoms consider not going so others don’t get sick.
  • When you all return home, wash your hands before eating treats.

Parties, Parades, Events and more

  • Pick a haunted forest or corn maze instead of an indoor event.
  • Opt for safe and fun programs organized by your local park, zoo or other outdoor venue nearby.
  • If you attend a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after touching whatever you pick.
  • Opt for making masks part of your costume. For example, a surgeon, nurse or superhero.
  • Do not wear a costume mask over a face mask. It may make breathing very difficult.

For At-Home Family Fun

Decorating Pumpkins 1-2-3

  1. If the kids are young, have them draw the face. And parents can carve out the rest.
  2. Consider placing battery operated lights inside, instead of an traditional flame candle.
  3. And roast the seeds for a healthy snack afterwards.

Dress Up Movie Time

For small children, dressing up as favorite characters from a movie works all year long. So plan a movie night, dress up, and enjoy the feature film together.

Everyday Halloween Treats

  • Turn your hand-made pizza into a pumpkin shape and decorate accordingly.
  • Turn fruits and veggies into Halloween inspired foody fun. For example, a peeled tangerine with celery¬† top to look like a mini jack-o-lantern.

Halloween Hunt

  1. Decorate your house inside and/or outside.
  2. Hide treats around the house, or outside.
  3. Then the whole family or just the kids can enjoy a scavenger hunt/haunt.

Don’t Forget

If we all do our part to add consideration and safety into everyday events and festivities, we’ll all be able to make happy memories that live long beyond today. And taking time to teach younger kids these same values will have positive ripple effects well beyond our own communities.

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Sources: HealthyChildren.org and American Academy of Pediatrics