What are the outer banks?

Outer Banks Infographic

Infographic Sample

Ever wonder what the Outer Banks are or how they got their name? Our infographic will provide with all the information you need to know to truly enjoy the history, culture and climate found here in the beautiful Outer Banks.

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At Surf Side Hotel in Nags Head, North Carolina, we’re surrounded by great beaches and an incredibly history that makes the region such an amazing vacation spot. If you’re starting to plan your trip, it always helps to be informed, and our infographic will give you insights on the seasonal weather, best things to do and so much more so that you can plan what to pack and what to do during your entire stay with us.

Our infographic also outlines the defined region, helping you know exactly what islands make up the Outer Banks. Plus, you’ll get a glimpse into some of the history and facts about the OBX, including pirate history and even forgotten World War II history of the region.

The Outer Banks offer some of the most fun you can have on vacation, and armed with this info, you’ll be able to plan the experience best suited to you and your family’s interests.

Download your free copy of our infographic today and get started on planning your getaway to the Outer Banks at Surf Side Hotel in Nags Head, North Carolina!