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The Best 8 Gift Ideas for Dad

the best gift ideas for dad from Surf Side Hotel

Gift giving can be stressful. From birthday, to anniversary to Father’s Day gift ideas, picking the right gift can be challenging. So, here’s a short list to make procuring that perfect present for that special guy easy.

The Best 8 Gift Ideas for Dad

Happy Fathers Day

1- For the reader

You can stay within budget and still get that book lover a wonderful gift.  Consider a gift card to his favorite book store. Or sign him up for a book of the month club. Or maybe he has a favorite magazine. If so, gift him an annual subscription or extend a current one.

2 – For the wine or beer lover

Did you know you can call up the local liquor store and order your dad’s favorite wine or beer selection? Some will even deliver it. Just inquire and ask about all your options.

3 – For the foodie

Treat dad to a meal at his favorite restaurant. Or take him to a new one he has been wanting to try. You know your dad best, pick what you think he’d prefer.

4 – For the golfer

From lessons, to a free round of golf, to apparel, the possibilities surrounding the sport of golf are almost endless.

5 – For the practical dad

Have you noticed lately that dad really needs a new pair of running shoes, or a belt, or some other practical thing. If you know your dad appreciates simple things in life… replenished, meet his need.

6 – For the beach lover

If your dad is a beach or ocean lover, treat him to a beach weekend or week. We suggest Surf Side Hotel of course!

7 – For the hand made lover

If your dad loves hand made gifts and you’re feeling creative – make him a card or something out of wood. If hand made items aren’t a skill of yours, check out for unique wares and order him something unique.

8 – Feeling super creative

If you listen intently to your dad, he’ll probably share something that is meaningful to him. Or something he needs. If you need more personalized ideas, check in with your dad’s best friend or his spouse. It’s always fun to hear “how did you know” or “I really wanted one of these” after you present your gift.

Gift cards for many of the above suggestions can help you stay within budget. Plus, they are easy to mail if you won’t be able to see your dad on his special day.