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The Inside Scoop – Meet Jake Hatch, New GM at Surf Side Hotel

Jake Hatch, General Manager at Surf Side Hotel
Throughout the year we like to shine a spotlight on some of our amazing staff. We thought you’d like to get to know the people behind Surf Side Hotel. They are the heart of our hotel and why we achieve incredible accolades and high Tripadvisor ratings. We interviewed Jake Hatch, the new General Manager at Surf Side Hotel, recently to continue with our series. Here’s the inside scoop!

On the Job

When did you start working at the hotel and what attracted you to the position?

Jake Hatch: I started January 2023. Throughout my career I’ve always had a passion for genuine hospitality and coastal properties. Going to work for Seaboard Hospitality and Surf Side Hotel was my opportunity to build a team based around that passion with an ownership group that shares those values. Plus, I get to enjoy the view throughout the process.

Where and when did your career in hospitality start?

JH: I graduated from West Virginia University in 2010 and met a speaker at my last class that gave me the opportunity to start my career at The Greenbrier Resort doing business development for the sales team.

What is the toughest part of your job right now?

JH: Right now just downloading as much of the property and operations as possible before the busy season hits to make sure the guests are set up for a great experience. I expect my first busy season to have unique challenges while I get used to the property.

The Good Stuff

What has been your greatest success thus far in your career?

JH: The culmination of positive experiences I’ve had the pleasure of providing companies, and guests, throughout my career equal success for me. The revenue landmarks are great, but it’s all about the guest experience.

What was your fondest memory of a customer?

JH: When I was at Nemacolin Resort, I was able to partner with WVU Athletics to provide a last wish experience for a kid with terminal brain cancer. We had his family in our suite, and on the field for a football game, along with a stay at the resort. It was a special moment to be a part of helping provide that joy.

Personally Speaking

What do you like to do in your spare time??

JH: I love beach walks with my wife and pups. And I enjoy cooking as well.

What is one thing very few people know about you?

JH: I’m ambidextrous.

What do you admire, or look up to, and why?

JH: I am very fond of any authentic person that pushes beyond their comfort zone. I admire that.


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