Visit the Dolphins in the Outer Banks
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Visit the Dolphins in the Outer Banks

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 Visit the Dolphins in the Outer BanksWhen you visit Nags Head, NC, you have an unlimited amount of fun and engaging activities to enjoy.

In fact, you’ll even have an opportunity to get out on the water and get up close and personal with the dolphins!

Located in the Outer Banks, the Nags Head Dolphin Watch Tours allow you to board a 40-foot, covered pontoon boat and partake in a two-hour trip out on the water to observe some of the ocean’s most beloved creatures in their natural environment.

This is much more than just a boating trip, however.  It is also a fascinating educational experience.  That’s right! Scientists actually run the tours as an opportunity to monitor these gorgeous creatures so they can better understand the dolphin habits and learn from them. These scientific expeditions happen so frequently that the scientists even have names for a few of their dolphin friends.

These trips are ideal for youngsters because they will not only learn about dolphins but they will also learn about the importance of science, and who knows, they may even want to grow up to be a scientist someday.

It gets even better because dolphins are not the only ocean inhibitors that visitors will get to enjoy, as these tours also involve a number of birds native to the area, such as the osprey, pelican and more. It is a full-fledged nature adventure!

These tours take place until October 3rd, and you can take the family without breaking the bank by using any number of coupons found online.  If you are not sure if a dolphin tour is right for you, check out some of these testimonials and see what you are missing.

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Having fun with the dolphins is a blast, but you may find yourself feeling exhausted after a day out on the pontoon, so book a room at the Surf Side Hotel and have a place to crash.

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