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Seaboard Loyalty Reward program updates

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In an effort to be transparent with all our loyal guests, Alex Moore, President of Seaboard Hotels, recently released these Seaboard Loyalty Reward program updates.

To state COVID-19 has been devastating to our country, communities, and our families is an understatement. We have all been impacted, either physically, psychologically, emotionally or financially. The toll has been difficult with the loss of loved ones, jobs and livelihoods.

The financial burden has been carried by us all, but the hotel industry has been hit extremely hard, with leisure travel nearly coming to a halt in 2020. Seaboard Hotels has weathered the impact of this crisis, but in order to restructure our business and maintain the levels of staffing and amenities that we are known for, it is necessary for us to make a few changes to help us facilitate our recovery.

To aid in the recovery, we have been forced to restructure our Seaboard Loyalty Reward program. Based on our analysis, it is necessary to decrease the amount of room discounts offered to our different membership tiers and increase the number of points required to redeem free rooms during our busy seasons.

We are very grateful to our longstanding, loyal and wonderful guests and appreciate your understanding while we adjust to the changes and strains that COVID-19 has placed on us all.

All the best,
Alex Moore
Seaboard Hotels

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